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How To....Organizing Coupons

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How To....Organizing Coupons Empty How To....Organizing Coupons

Post by TheScribbler on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:24 pm

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder029-1
My Coupon Binder...A Tutorial

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder028

Organization is EVERYTHING when it comes to the fine art of "Couponing". After spending some time on other coupon user forums I decided it was time to start my very own coupon binder. Taking advice from other coupon users, I came up with "MY" binder which works nicely for me. Please take note that you can organize your binder to your liking. This binder was found at Walmart in the clearance aisle for $5! I took it as a sign that this binder was made especially for my fixation on my new found hobby of couponing. LOL

This photo above shows my completed binder. It holds everything that I need to save money, and lots of it.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder022-1

I carry a pad to keep track of things. I always shop with a shopping list. I also ALWAYS keep track of what I am spending while shopping. I ALWAYS know just how much money I have/want to spend. And I ALWAYS keep in mind.....the tax! That will sneak up on you when you are working on a budget. So don't forget to estimate that into your figures when it comes to check out time. I also use the pad to keep notes while shopping. Sometimes I think of an item I might need at the other end of the store. The memory isn't what it use to be. So I write down as I go when needed. When starting to shop I make sure to write down at the top of my pad what I want to spend at the store I am in. Having everything written in black and white really helps you stay organized and focused on the objective at hand.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder024-1

A good tip is to sign up for reward cards where you shop. Even if you only shop at particular store a few times per year, get their card, you'll pay more without them and it only takes a few minutes to retain one. Most grocery stores and large chain stores offer reward cards. I personally have one for Krogers, Food Lion, Lowes Foods, CVS Pharmacy, etc. These also provide online ads where you can look at the current weeks ad and make a printable shopping list to take with you to the store. But some reward cards also have 'instant' coupons. The photo above shows the instant rewards I have on my Lowes card. I chose the 'instant coupons' and they are automatically assigned to my card. When I make a purchase of the items listed I automatically get that money off at the checkout. For instance, "loaded" on my Lowes Food Reward Card is a coupon for .50 off of Lipton Ice Tea bags when I purchase them. I also can use manufacturer coupons with my purchase. Go to your favorite stores website, get a card, sign up for their newsletters and see if they have any form of extra savings associated with the card. You'll save money. Signing up for the websites newsletters also bring printable coupons offered so keep an eye open. They also send out money saving coupons, such as CVS sends out printable coupons for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more. Money is money!

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder034-1

On my shopping lists from online are printed out and I make notes on each one. Taking my coupons I scan through the ad and ad them to my shopping list. Once they are printed out I note if I have a coupon, what the coupon is worth and how many I have. Usually you can use more than one coupon for a b1g1 free deal, etc.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder027-1

Once I have my lists made or printed, I put them in the sleeve of my binder. My coupons are neatly organized within also.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder023-1

In the pouch I keep pens, markers, a small pair of scissors. Inside I keep a highlighter, spare change, paper clips, etc. On the back of the pouch are slots (like the ones in a wallet for credit cards). As I use my coupons I slide the coupons into the slots. When I get to checkout they are all in one place.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder016-1-1

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder030-1

As far as organizing my binder and the
coupons in it. The first tabs are labeled with the names of the stores that I
usually shop at. CVS Pharmacy, Food Lion, Krogers, Lowes Foods, etc.
Behind each tab are baseball card or photo insert sheets. I put an inserts in for each store's tab. The baseball inserts sheet nine 'slots' where I can insert coupons. I use these in the product section of my binder. The photo inserts have two large 'slots'. I use the larger 'slots' to keep the coupons that I know that I will be using at that particular store.
So each store's coupons are easy to find and ORGANIZED before even leaving the house.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder031-1

All of the other tabs in my binder are for various product categories. You can set this section up in a way that suits your purposes. Mine starts out with a FREE tab where I can put coupons that I have that are well, free! Then various other category tabs, such as MakeUp, Bath, Personal, Dental and that type stuff. Then Medicines, and then anything food related, cleaners, etc. A good tip to pass along, when setting up your various category tabs, think it out first. Some people organize everything by alphabetical order. I tend to go by 'category'. Others like to map out their binders by how things are set up in the stores. Do what is easiest for you and what will help you to stay the most organized.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder032

Above is a photo of the baseball/photo inserts. The top page is the photo insert with a coupons. The back page can be seen with the nine baseball card holder slots. If I have duplicate coupons I put them together in one slot. If a category has lots of coupons for lots of different product. I tend to just add an insert to accomodate them. It's easier to add an insert than to have to go through every coupon slot to see what might be tucked underneath. Also, take note. There are baseball card inserts that come with six slots. They are the ideal, from what I've 'heard'. If you have to buy the one with nine slots, be careful when you are clipping out your coupons. They often have to be trimmed well to fit into the slots. The longer/taller type coupons can stick out the top of the slot. A lot of people fold over the coupons also to make them fit. I couldn't find the six slot inserts. But I did find that the photo inserts with two large slots work great along with the nine slot inserts.

How To....Organizing Coupons Couponbinder020


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