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Growing up my mom taught me....

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Growing up my mom taught me.... Empty Growing up my mom taught me....

Post by pamelab1 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:50 pm

to shop sales and if I had a little extra money to stock up as much as I could. To always dig through the clearance racks and bins and to use coupons and always send for the rebates on stuff you bought. Well the coupon aspect comes and goes...I always buy a little extra when things are on sale and I've tried out various store brands and found the ones I like (thus saving money). Right now I could go at least 1 1/2-2 months and only have to buy things like bread, milk and fresh fruit/vegies. Some items I could go prob 6 months. My ultimate goal is by the end of the year to have a years supply, at least of everything we use alot of. I really love the clearance racks and bins and always seem to find them no matter what store I'm in.

I just started the easy saver at Walgreens this week and there is still a few things I think I'll get before the end of the month. There usually isn't much I want from it (but now that I'm back into the coupons maybe there will be lol) but I decided a few $'s a month on the card and when the holiday's roll around again I'd use it then (unless I want something and am broke lol). In the next week or 2 I'll start with CVS.....I figure 1 at a time to start with.

Been reading frugal blogs /money saving tips the last few day's.....there are so many my head is spinning.

I was told when we get married I could quit work if I wanted to. I'd really like to, because I've felt so much better since the doctor has kept me off work for the last month.....maybe find someplace close to home for just 1 day a week, 8 hrs instead of 12. That is my main reason for going full force on this project.

Well I'll stop boring you to death abouttime and say good night!!

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